It’s like Tinder for……

It's like Tinder image

Here at Appfactory we are fortunate to hear ideas and plans from many innovative companies and people.  This is one of the huge benefits of doing what we do.  In recent years we have identified a common “elevator pitch” that many people have embraced that provides a great way of explaining their concept.

Tinder – the well known “hook-up app” –  has become the shining example for using mobile technology to connect two willing groups of people.  “It’s like Tinder for pets”,  “It’s like Tinder for tradies”, “It’s like Tinder for musicians”.  We have had so many conversations that start with “”It’s like Tinder for…”, and you know what?  We love it.

Why?  Because we believe in using technology to connect real-world communities.  The basic concept is that you can connect beyond your normal social / business set – and you can use technology to filter your connections to those that really suit.  Tinder provides a way to meet people without having to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment in a nightclub hoping that Mr or Miss Right crosses your path.  This concept can be applied in so many situations.

There are two key considerations when developing an “It’s like Tinder for…”  app.

  1. Which party do you attract first?  If you are connecting tradies to customers you need tradies to get customers and you need customers to attract tradies.
  2. Your matching method must be AWESOME.  If you can provide people relevant, timely matches they will come back time and time again.  If I search for “a plumber in Bondi available on Fridays” then ring them and they only work Monday – Wednesday I get annoyed.

Solving point 1 is not easy and relies on incentives and marketing.  You may need to provide introductory offers anywhere from free to heavily discounted.  Point 2 is where we come in.  We love algorithms – yes we are nerds – and we will spend hours reworking and refining our code until we can provide the perfect match for the user.  And then we will start again and come to you with what we need, and how we can, make it even better.

So while some Appfactory staff are Tinder prospects still, a lot of us still have to justify Tinder on our phones as “professional research”.  However we all recognise that it is a great idea executed well.  That is what gets us hot under the collar.