Y’all come back now. 6 days immersed in innovative Austin.

Last month I attended the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin Texas.  With President Obama as the keynote and a strong match with Appfactory’s focus on health and med-tech it was an opportunity too good to pass up.   I had an amazing 6 days immersed in innovation and new ideas.  I talked with a diverse mix of amazing people and discovered a strong collective community will to improve lives through technology.

A number of groups approached me to “brain-dump” my experience both for people considering going next year and those who were unable to make it.  Below is a link to the presentation I delivered for those good folks (sorry haven’t shaken my bad Texan impression yet).

To get your brain waves flowing we touch on:

  • invisible and streaming apps replacing stand alone downloads
  • health and med-tech wearables
  • Sophia the robot panelist from Hanson Robotics
  • machine learning, AI, robotics
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • blockchain and Ethereum (this is currently blowing my mind!)

Appfactory SXSW Presentation

It was put together as a talk not a stand alone presentation deck so if you find it of value and would like an in-person or Google Hangout session where I can run you through it please get in touch.

I’m counting the days until SXSW 2017…..  These are the events that make me realise how much technology can help and I love being involved in ensuring it happens.

All the best

Dan @ Appfactory